Posted by: Becky | June 6, 2011

Sun Tea

Hi ya’ll!

Sorry I have been off the blogging grid.  I moved houses and my hubby got back from his deployment.

But I am back and ready to go with some fun in the sun ideas 😮

Being from Texas I love some sweet tea.  And I love making sun tea.  Its a great way to use the sun and not the stove to get this great summer treat.

You will need a clean glass jar with a lid, tea bags of your choice ( I use Lipton) and purified water

~First thing you want to make sure is your jar is clean.  Then fill it full of water until about an inch or so from the top

~Then place the teabags into the jar, I use 6 bags as I like my tea a bit stronger

~Place jar with lid on outside in a sunny place or in a window. (Living up here in Alaska sun is not an issue in the summer)

Check tea in about an hour.  Don’t leave tea longer than 4 hours outside.

Serve over ice with sugar or honey.

Place left over tea in frig to be enjoyed later.

~can add a sprig of mint or lemon slices, or strawberries for other yummy options




  1. Sun tea is great! If you cannot find fruit to add to your tea, try the flavored tea bags. Just add one to the collection of regular tea bags when you brew. It is great for a multi-berry taste!

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