Posted by: Becky | December 19, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I haven’t really been in the crafting zone this week.

Which for me is saying something, but with Christmas around the corner I have been really missing my hubby.

But I really wanted to do this challenge, the kids help me and we make it fun trying to figure out what pictures to take and post.

So this weeks are:


This is my snow covered back fence

But with living up here its hard just to pick one winter picture so I also had to share this one too.

Black and White with selective Color

This is Alaska today around 1:00pm

The Wind

We really don’t get really windy up here but I thought this was pretty cool to share, you can see the warmer air, which looks like its windy, and yes this was taken today in -25 temps


This was taken with my phone but love how she was “framed” by the light

Remember When…

I love this photo.  This is my Toddler Sunday school class that I teach.  I love how 2 & 3’s love to color.  So we let them color, remember when it was something as simple as a marker made us so happy.  And yes they are coloring on the mirror but they are using the window markers, and they had so much fun! But then so did me and the other teacher, we were coloring on the windows 😮





  1. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures with us! I have never heard of window markers before. They sound like fun!

  2. Such great shots. I love your Winter shot..

  3. These are wonderful – I especially like your windy shot. I can definitely tell that it’s windy.

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