Posted by: Becky | December 12, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

So I am doing something new this Sunday.
I found this really great blog: Ramblings and Photos the other day.

She has really amazing photos.

And a good friend of mine got me started in photography.  So I figured what a great way to learn then to do this scavenger hunt and I have this habit of just diving right into things so here I go 😮

So here are my entries:

Holiday Color

Winter/Holiday Icon

I love living up by North Pole

A Tree


Snow falling in the evening

My favorite color

It’s Purple!!!


I am hoping by doing these I will get better with my camera and editing skills 😮




  1. I really liked all your shots. But your interpretation of Quiet was really nice. And I love your different shades of purple. Purple is my favorite color too, though your picture is so much nicer.

  2. Your quiet image is perfect…nicely done!

  3. Your Photos look good.. My favorite is the 2nd shot. And your quite shot looks so peaceful..

  4. Great interpretations – I love your quiet shot. It does look so quiet. Have a great week!

  5. What a pretty quiet shot – I can never get night shots to turn out that well.

    I found that once I’d been doing the photo scavenger hunt for a while, my shots and especially my editing got a lot better! And it’s so much fun to see everyone’s interpretations!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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