Posted by: Becky | September 23, 2010

Fall/Halloween Hairbow Tutorial

I have 3 girls who love having fun hairbows.  I have looked all over for fun themed bows, clips, etc.  I haven’t been real happy with what I have found and they want crazy amounts for what they do carry.  I remember years ago my mom making me hairbow, barrettes and other hair things.  I figured I could do the same for my girls.  I went rummaging for my ribbons, hairclips, glue gun and other items I could use as decor

Here’s what I found:

~ start with a hair barrette and cover it with a scrap piece of ribbon cut to the size of the clip.  hot glue it down

~cut 4 pieces of ribbon 6 inches long (these will be the loops)

~place a little dot of hot glue on the end of the ribbon place the other end over the glue and hold down for a few secs, then place a small dot of glue on the center of glued ends and hold ribbon together(i used a sheer ribbon so the glue oozed through my layers making it a little eaiser and not using alot of glue) place a dot of glue onto center of clip and place ribbon center down hold for a few secs:

~repeat glueing ends of second ribbon and glue center down to give you 2 loops on either end.  Place small dot of glue down onto center of ribbon on clip and place second loop on making a cross:

~if you wish cut 9inches of 1/4in ribbon for strimmers I used black, white, brown, orange, burnt orange and glued the centers down:

~make 3rd loop and glue on the angle in between cross:(picture is shown without strimmers so you can see the loops better)

~make 4th and final loop and glue down on the other angle in between other ends of cross:

~then glue on the pumpkin (or button, figure, shape of your choice):

I made one for each  of my girls.  They were easy to make and came together rather quickly (great naptime project)




  1. Awwww! This is so cute!!!! My 5 year old recently started Kindergarten, and only just now is letting me do cute things to her hair. (She’s kind of a ‘natural’ girl, likes to let it down! LOL!) So, i am going to be using this tutorial for sure!!!

  2. I love it. Very cute. I’m gonna have to make one for my little girl! Visiting from New Friend Fridays.

  3. that’s adorable! i’m sure they love their new clips! heck, even i want one. stopping by from NFF.

  4. Visiting from New Friend Fridays.

  5. Very cute 🙂 This will even go for adults! (me me!) hahaha… happy Halloween wishes way in advance 🙂

  6. So cute !! I think i am going to make some:)

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