Posted by: Becky | September 8, 2010

Yummy Beef Stew

On chilly/cold rainy days there is nothing like beef stew.  I love being able to start it early in the morning in the slow cooker and enjoy the smell as it cooks.  My house smells so yummy right now 😮

Beef stew, I find, is something very easy to make and there is really no recipe but more to your own taste.  But here’s how I make mine

One package beef stew meat (precut into large chunks)

4 beef bouillon cubes or beef broth (one can)



potatoes (I use either redskin or yukon gold)


1/2 cup flour

sage, italian medley (mrs. dash), celery salt

french bread

-in a crock pot place bouillon or broth with crock pot on high

-cut up about a cup of carrots, and potatoes. then place in pot

-cut about a 1/3 cup of celery and place into crock pot

-place flour into a bowl, place seasonings (about 2 tablespoons medley, 1 teaspoon sage & celery salt) but you can use whichever seasonings you prefer.

-cut meat into smaller cubes/chunks and roll into flour.(pour remaining flour into crock pot- will help thicken broth)  place meat into pan to lightly brown on med/low heat. then place into crock pot

-fill with water until all ingredients are covered. place lit onto crock pot and let cook

*I generally start this no later than 10:00am and it is ready to eat around 6:00pm. I also lower the heat to low after 4 hours on high.

Serve with French bread



  1. Visiting from New Friend Fridays! LOVE that the weather is cooling down and that means soup time! Nice to meet you! Love your clothing redo’s.

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