Posted by: Becky | September 7, 2010

Fall Tee #2

I finally got to work on the shirt for my oldest girl.  I really liked both of these tops.  The only problem with the pink one was it was way to big for her and the Hannah was to much of a summer shirt.  So I layered the two. 

I made this one different than the last one.  I placed the pink under the blue and pinned the sleeve seams together first. (seemed the easiest place to start and get the other seams to lay flat.

after sewing the sleeves I then layered the shirts as flat as possible and lined up the back panel ( I had to untie the little strings to get it to lay right)

After it was all sewn on the top I turned it inside out and cut away the extra fabric.  I used 2 inches from the bottom to sew on the Hannah shirt.

I am super happy how the two shirts blended together (both shirts were a kind of knit so it was easy to get the seams to match up).  Lynde will love it and she really likes the longer tunic type tops 😮



  1. The shirt turned out great! Very creative! I wish I knew how to sew. I make other needlepoint crafts, but have never been able to sew.

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