Posted by: Becky | September 4, 2010

Easy to Make Pizza

Growing up my mom made pizza every Saturday.  We never really ordered pizza, it was never as good as the ones mom made.  As we got older we (my brothers and me) learned how to make it also.  I now make it for my family on Fridays as part of dinner and a movie night.

It starts with a simple dough:

2 cups warm water

4 1/2 teaspoons yeast

1 tablespoon sugar

4 tablespoons vegetable oil ( I use olive oil)

4 to 5 cup all purpose flour (you can use whole wheat flour too)

-mix water and yeast (until yeast is dissolved)

-add sugar and oil mix well

-flour one cup at a time

I add 4 cups of flour and then slowly mix by hand until dough is will mixed and not sticky. *can use mixer instead

cover with towel in a oiled bowl or counter top and let rise for about an hour

this is enough dough for 2 pizzas



*2 lbs cheese shredded

*one jar pizza sauce

*toppings (pepperoni, peppers, olives, etc)

-preheat oven to *425

-spray pizza pans (or other baking pan) with Pam

-split dough in half and roll out onto pans with the palm of your hand. starting from the center and work in circles until it reaches the edges

– spread pizza sauce on each pizza ( I use ragu’s pizza sauce in the jar)

– add one lb mozzarella cheese and then top with favorite toppings

-after toppings, place in center of oven for 10 mins, then switch and cook for 10  more mins. pull from oven, let cool for a few mins and serve



  1. Hi, I’m your newest follower from NFF. I have to try your pizza recipe! Looks so yummy and I like just about everything as homemade as possible. I hope you stop by and possibly follow back, but it would be swell if you could also stop by and link this post up for Fresh Homemade Pizza on my “Fresh Clean and Pure Friday” blog hop (goes on all weekend too though). Glad I found you and look forward to your posts!

    • Thank you!! I linked it up and now am a follower of your blog

  2. Do you have a follow button? I can’t find it to link up with you. Thanks, Roz

    • I just got it working right and I have a networked blog follow button to.

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