Posted by: Becky | September 2, 2010

A New Fall Tee out of 2 Old Ones

With Fall making its arrival up here, I am on the look out for long sleeve shirts for my girls.  I found a few long sleeve shirts but one was the right size but way too short and the other one was way to big.  After going through the other shirts on the rack I found some short sleeve shirts that I knew would work with the other ones I picked up.

After getting them home I worked with these two first:

I really liked the pink hearted thermal but it was just way to short and the brown tee wouldn’t work for the fall/winter.  So I played around with what I could do with the two and decided to go with the layered look.  I wanted the hoodie, sleeves and the bottom of the thermal.  but not center (too much bulk and having to worry about pulling down the undershirt)

So I cut off the sleeves about 1/2inch above the seam, 2 inches of the bottom off and the hoodie.

I then pinned the sleeves on:(inside out)

pinned the bottom 2inch to the bottom of the brown tee

and pinned the hoodie into place:

I then sewed it all together with pink thread, sewing in between the seams that were already on the shirt. Which gave it a really nice detail on the outside.

I think my Gracie will love her new shirt.  I am very happy how quickly and cute it turned out. 



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