Posted by: Becky | August 22, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Every spring for the past 4 years me and the kids plant a veggie garden.  This year we stuck with the veggies I know we could grow in our small garden plot  (a small section of the back yard)  or in pots.

Carrots (window box)







bell peppers




I found that with my kids that is a great way for them to eat their veggies.  They are also more willing to try new veggies if we grow them ourselves or see them at the Farmer’s Market.  My kids love helping pick out the “baby” plants from the Greenhouse/Nursery and plant them in the garden.  They really enjoy helping me water, weed and see the changes in the plants.  My son tries to help but he ends up eating the ripe tomatoes right off the vine.  I don’t mind that he does that but have to remind him to wash them off first. 

We have started harvesting our veggies and freezing them for the winter.  Next weekend we will be harvesting our potatoes and more tomatoes. 

Good Luck with all Gardens out there 😮



  1. Great job on your garden! All of your vegetables look delicious. We also have a garden with lots of tomatoes and zucchini, but we haven’t been successful in growing broccoli, so good for you.

  2. Same here, we have never grown broccoli, but yours looks delisch! I love gardens and get so sad the first time I have to go buy tomatoes from the store…they just don’t taste the same. :)! Great job!

    • Thank you both. I can’t get broccoli from seed to grow myself but I get the starters from the local greenhouse and plant them in a sunny place. They love it. My kids and I are looking forward to enjoying the goodies we have grown.

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