Posted by: Becky | August 20, 2010

Family Tree – Nontraditional

I have always wanted to make a family tree.  I looked at many different tutorials out there (there are some great ones) just not what I was looking for.  Most made them in to a “tree” and that wasn’t quiet what is looking for.  I wanted to make one that was a bit different and hopefully to match the paints we have already hanging up in the house.

While at Joann’s one day I found the perfect fabric

The sail boats, lighthouses where great, I knew I had wave fabric at home so I went with it.

I figured each member could be a boat and then the other stuff would just be fun extra stuff to put on it. I also had some shell beads that would be great to put in the “sand”.

I kinda cheated on this project.  I only used my sewing machine to sew the sky, sand and waves together.  I used fusible web to add the seagulls and houses.  I then used my glue gun and buttons to add the sailboats, shells, bead rocks and starfish.  I found the frame at a thrift store for a dollar and the put it in the frame minus the glass.(the frame had claw teeth so it holds the fabric in place without it shifting)  I added fabric name tags to each little boat. 

And this is what it looks like all pulled together

I am really happy how it came out 😮



  1. Becky,

    This ‘Non-traditional Family Tree’ is absolutely a great craft. Every craft person should make one. Becky, your mind must work 24/7; you’re an amazing woman. I think I’ll make one. Not sure of the theme yet. Mine will strictly be a drawing though. Thank you for the idea.


    • Pat, I think my mind does work all the time. I end up waking up with ideas on the brain. I am just glad I have a way to share them with others now. 😮

  2. I would love to share some of your posts. You have some great projects. Have you considered adding share buttons to your layout? Thanks Dianne

    • Thank you, I just got my button working (took me awhile to figure out). 😮 Please feel free to pass it on 😮

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