Posted by: Becky | August 19, 2010

Back to School Growth Chart

I used to keep the kids heights market on a door frame.  Well one day hubby was doing some touch up painting and painted all over my marks.  Okay so writing on the wall was not the greatest idea but hey I went with it at the time.  Then came 2 different paper growth charts.  They are both MIA so…..I figured why not start off the new school year with marking how tall the kids are now.  But I wanted a chart that would last and be fun.  So…

Here’s what I came up with:

using some 1/2 yard fabric for a background. 

some felt (which my the way is now being made from recycled bottles)

heavy cotton thread, craft glue, needle,

But pretty much I went with a ground and sky theme.

So for each kid I made a felt form a different shape and color,

blue cloud, yellow butterfly, green air balloon, and red kite

I marked the sides of the fabric starting from 24 inches off the ground (my kiddos are a bit bigger and older)

hand stitched the top down, put a wooden dowel through.  tied string on both ends and hung it up

I hand tacked the felt shapes down at the height of my kids.  This is fairly simple to make and takes about and hour or so to make. 

 I am going to mark their heights at the beginning of school (today) at Christmas (halfway) and the last day.


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