Posted by: Becky | August 9, 2010

Makin your own book

I made these fabric books when I was younger with my mom.  They make great gifts, diaries, prayer journals, or just about anything you need.  They are great because you can use any fabric you want and keep adding pages as needed.

To make this you need:

scrap fabric 2 colors

cardboard (I used an old box from the post office)

scissors or rotary cutter


cutting mat

glue gun or fabric/craft glue



hole punch (for paper)

eyelets, hammer, and brad punch

Making one of these books is fairly easy.  And its okay if it comes out a little crooked (mine are never straight no matter how hard I try to cut straight)

1. gather all materials needed for project and iron wrinkles out of fabric.

2. cut cardboard to desired measurements.  I went with 6×9 and 1×9 strips.  you need 2 of each.  the 1×9 will be the spine of the book.

3. cut fabric larger than cardboard support.

4. glue cardboard onto wrong side of fabric.  if using a glue gun only place glue on edges of fabric.  if using fabric/craft glue spread thin layer over entire piece of cardboard.  when you place the 1×9 strip onto fabric make sure you leave at least a 1/2 inch gap. (this is were the cover will hinge)

5.  take the alternating color(if not using same fabric as outside cover) and cut about 1/2inch wider on each side then the cover panel.  turn down the edges to wrong side and glue down.

6. place wrong side of turned under fabric and glue to wrong side of book cover(the side that the cardboard is still showing) and let dry.

7.  when cover is dry, take a pencil or whatever will show on your fabric and mark where you want to place your eyelets.( this would be on the 1×9 strip)

I placed mine 1inch in from the sides and centered the middle one.  If you are making a much larger book then use more eyelets. 

take a punch and hammer the holes.  place the eyelets in and hammer then down with the tool that comes with them(most craft stores have them in kits) do this to both side

8. take the paper (i used white printer paper, you can use any paper here.  i would love to use handmade paper or colored would be great too) and cut so it is about 1/2 to 1/4 inch smaller than the cover all around.  then take the cover and mark where you need to punch the holes into the paper.  this will make threading the ribbon in much easier.

9.  thread the ribbon through the bottom cover.  i cut 2 pieces and threaded them both through the middle and then the other side.  after that start threading the ribbon through the paper (i found it was easiest to start at the middle and then the ends)

10.  after you have your paper on.  place your cover on and tie the ribbons. 

you are done!  these are so fun to make. (if a bit messy if you’re using fabric/craft glue)



  1. How pretty! I love this idea. Your blog is very soothing…even the title of it 🙂 I may come here just to relax 🙂 I saw you on MBC. Nice to meet you! Blessings, Kimberly

    • Thank you

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