Posted by: Becky | July 23, 2010

Laptop tote

Living up here in the middle of Alaska you can’t always find what you are looking for or you have a limited few in the stores.  I was looking for a laptop tote.  I couldn’t find one I liked so I figured I would make one….they looked easy enough to make.

So I came home and went digging into my fabric stash and found a great black and white outdoor fabric.  Its heavier than regular cotton which makes it great for a project like this.  I also found normal black cotton, and white vinyl to go with it. 

I started out with an idea on how I wanted the inside of the bag to be.  A pocket for the laptop, and little pockets for the power cords, pencils, and headphones.  And a large space for books and such. 

I figured out how big I need to make the bag by placing the laptop on the fabric and going from there.  I used the vinyl for the sides and bottom of the bag. To help make the bag a bit more stable I used fusible flannel to stiffen the fabric up. 

The bag layout came together pretty quickly, the hard part was sewing all the layers together.   Turned everything right side out and top stitched the outer flap.  Attached the clasp hardware, made the handles and now brand new tote :o)

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